Can you beliebe it? Justin Bieber is now on Tangy Market! ⭐🎵📈

Tangy Market is proud to announce that we will be listing one of the world’s most streamed artists. Can you beliebe it? Yes, it’s Justin Bieber, and the song that is available for investment is “She Don’t Like the Lights”. There is a limited share offering of 250 shares and the shares are now released, be sure not to miss getting your shares at the IPO price!

Justin Bieber

15 Minutes, No, 15 Years of Fame!
Spanning a prolific 15-year long career, Canadian pop star Bieber has consistently delivered chart-topping hits that resonate with a global audience. Now, Tangy Market offers you to invest in one of Justin’s pop hits from his early years in the limelight; “She Don’t Like the Lights” from Bieber’s third studio album “Believe” released in 2012.

Most Streamed Artist in the History of Spotify
15 must be Bieber’s magic number, because he has not only been around for 15 years, he has also had 15 songs that have been streamed billions of times. Bieber has recently earned the title of being one the Most Streamed Artist in Spotify’s history with an impressive 15 songs each surpassing the 1 billion streams mark. A remarkable achievement that speaks to his undeniable influence in the music industry. Bieber is one of the top ten most streamed artists on Spotify with currently over 77 million monthly listeners worldwide and a total of over 40 billion streams to date.

Lights on Justin Bieber
When buying a share of “She Don’t Like the Lights” you’re investing in all versions of the song. At this moment, the original version has ​​close to 20 million streams and the acoustic version soon has 30 million streams on Spotify. Aaron Richards’ cover has over 1 million streams. In the past year, Justin’s versions of the song has seen a 50% increase in streams as you can see in the graph below.

Spotify Streams Statistics

Three Popular Versions on Spotify
The graph above shows Spotify streams per week in 2023 for three popular versions of the song “She Don’t Like the Lights”; Justin Bieber’s original, the acoustic version from Justin’s “Believe Acoustic” album and the yellow line is the cover by Aaron Richards produced by Direct. Please keep in mind that historical data is no guarantee for future revenue.

The Right to Performance Rights
Remember that royalties are also collected for the performing rights when a song is performed in public, played live at a concert, broadcast on TV or radio or when someone covers them etcetera – revenue is generated for the rights holders and yourself if you’re owning shares. This investment is based on royalties generated from the US PRO BMI.

Consider exploring the investment potential in Justin Bieber’s musical journey on Tangy Market with the song that could make your portfolio pop. Remember this is an open market where you invest in a piece of art. Anything can happen.

Investment Information
When investing in this asset you’re buying into the songwriter’s share of Justin Bieber’s upcoming royalties for the song “She Don’t Like the Lights” for 3 years. This investment offers quarterly payouts during the investment period. The total value of the upcoming royalties is divided into shares and you can buy as many shares as you want of the availablesupply to increase your holdings. The IPO price per share is € 3.84 and the supply of shares is 250.

How to Invest: Step by Step
📲 Download the Tangy Market app on the App Store for iOS or get it on Google Play for Android.

☑️ Create an account if you don’t already have one and login to the app.

💰 Deposit money to your electronic wallet in the app with a VISA or MasterCard.

⏰ The shares are available now. Go to Marketplace in the Tangy Market app and find the Justin Bieber asset. Secure your shares to the IPO price. There is a limited share supply.

🤑 Once you have your shares, sit back during the investment period and receive quarterly royalty payouts on the royalty payout dates listed in the app.

💸 You can also sell your shares at the secondary market once the IPO shares are all sold out. You’ll find the secondary market at the bottom of each music asset’s own page in Marketplace.

🎵 Listen to different versions of the song on Spotify:
“She Don’t Like the Lights” with Justin Bieber from the “Believe” Deluxe edition album
“She Don’t Like the Lights” with Justin Bieber from the “Believe Acoustic” album
“She Don’t Like the Lights” covered by Aaron Richards and produced by Direct

Happy investing!
The Tangy Market Team

Legal disclaimer: The content of this email is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as financial or any other advice. Riteband AB does not assume responsibility for the investment, tax, or legal consequences for any investor resulting from any investment conducted on Tangy Market.

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