DI Weekend: Tangy Market CEO on The Music Copyright Gold Rush

“The risks in the music market don’t correlate with risks in other markets. It doesn’t matter if the stock market goes up or down, we want to listen to music just as much,” says Linda Portnoff, CEO Tangy Market

In the latest DI Weekend (Sweden’s leading financial news outlet weekend edition) you can read about the so called gold rush in the music industry where Tangy Market CEO Linda Portnoff is one of the expert voices.

Here are four bullets to summarize the article:

  • Music copyright is the hot new investment alternative, by traditional investors viewed as a new alternative to the stock markets.
  • Music copyright valuations are higher than ever before.
  • The digitalization of the music industry has opened up doors to more and increased music revenue streams and makes it possible to collect royalties (music copyright revenue) in new ways.
  • Tangy Market lets anyone tap into the growing music economy, something that has never been possible until now.

Read full article in pdf (in Swedish). Page 42-48

Download here

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