Invest in Britney Spears “Work B**ch” on Tangy Market ⭐🎵📈

Tangy Market is proud to announce an investment opportunity into the chart-topping up-tempo hit “Work Bitch” by the “Princess of Pop” – Britney Spears!

You Want A Piece of Britney?
We’re thrilled to present you with the opportunity to possess shares in a song by one of the most iconic artists of our generation — Britney Spears’ and her chart-topping up-tempo hit “Work Bitch”, also known as “Work Work” in the US.

International Pop Star
As an international pop super star, Britney has captivated millions of fans worldwide for over two decades. Known for her incredible talent and trailblazing hits, Spears’ songs have become anthems of empowerment and inspiration. “Work Bitch” is no exception, with its infectious beats and powerful lyrics that encourage hard work and determination.

Keep it Moving Higher, and Higher
Unlock investment potential with this chart-topping up tempo hit that currently has over 320 million streams on Spotify, accompanied by a controversial music video boasting over 385 million views on YouTube to date. “Work Bitch” averages 95,000 streams per day on Spotify. Over 10 years after its release, the song still receives over 35 million streams a year on Spotify alone. Remember that a historically positive trend is no guarantee of what earnings will look like in the future.

Now Get Your Money to Work
Are you too lazy to work hard for your money like the message in Britney’s song? Let your music investments work for you. Put the money you get from working to work for you on the intangible market with a share in this famous track. The song generates revenue when played on streaming platforms, played on TV or radio, performed live, played in the background of a commercial, at a gym or in a store and so on. As a shareholder on Tangy Market, you will receive a portion of these earnings on the royalty payout dates specified on the asset’s own page in the app.

Bring it on, Ring the Alarm
“Work Bitch” has a 10 year investment period and the shares are released today, Thursday, February 22 at 16:00 CET (10 AM EST, 7 AM PST, 02 AM ACT). The shares are priced at € 4.98 and are available on a first-come, first-served basis, with a total of 1 200 shares available for sale. Make sure you have notifications enabled for the Tangy Market app and that you have funds in your electronic wallet. You snooze, you lose, so bring it on, ring the alarm!

Investment Facts
Total number of shares: 1 200
IPO price per share: € 4.98
Release date: Thursday, February 22, 2024 at 16:00 CET
Investment period: 2023-12-09 – 2033-12-08
Payouts: Quarterly
Next payout date: 2023-04-10
Final payout: 2034-01-10
Average yearly royalties per share: €0.52
Percent of song royalties (Performance Rights): 5%
Royalty collector: SESAC

How to Invest in Music: Step by Step
If you already have a Tangy Market account, go to Step 3 directly.
1. Download the Tangy Market app: App Store for iOS / Google Play for Android
2. Create an account. If you already have one, go to step 3 directly.

If you already have a Tangy Market account, follow the steps from here on:
3. Login to the Tangy Market app with your account.
4. Securely deposit money to your electronic wallet in the app with a VISA or MasterCard.
5. The shares are available from today, Thursday, February 22 at 16:00 CET (10 AM EST, 7 AM PST, 02 AM ACT). You’ll get a reminder on your phone when they’re out if you have notifications on for the app. Once they’re out, go to Marketplace in the Tangy Market app and find the Britney Spears asset on top of the page. Buy your shares at the IPO price if you are lucky and fast enough to get a piece of the IPO share-cake. There is a limited supply of 1 200 shares.
6. When the IPO shares are sold out, buy and sell shares at the secondary market in the app. If you didn’t get a share, you can look to buy a share on the secondary market that you’ll find at the bottom of each music asset’s own page on the Marketplace.
7. Once you have your shares, sit back during the investment period and receive quarterly royalty payouts on the payout dates listed in the app. Whenever you like, you can chose to resell your share(s) on the secondary market.

“Work Bitch” with Britney Spears on Spotify
Watch Britney Spears “Work Bitch” video on YouTube
Listen to the Tangy Market playlist on Spotify

Happy investing!
Your Tangy Market Team

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