Invest in One of the Biggest Names in Swedish Pop: Albin Johnsén

It’s time to top up your Tangy wallets. Now you are able to invest in one of the biggest names in Swedish pop: Albin Johnsén.

Albin Johnsén is one of the most active touring artists in Sweden and hits about 450,000 monthly listeners on Spotify with four albums, over 200 million streams, platinum and gold singles, The Swedish Grammis and P3 Guld nominations under his belt.

He made it big in 2014 when ‘Din Soldat’ was released and became the most played song in Sweden. It currently has over 55,000,000 streams on Spotify alone.

Now you can invest in music royalties from his whole catalogue including ‘Din Soldat‘, ‘En sista gång‘ and ‘Vi gjorde vårt bästa‘. As Albin is an active songwriter for other artists, the catalogue also includes songs from Julia Adams, FO&O, Lovad, Mattias Andreasson and more.

Go get your shares of Albin Johnsén’s music catalogue on Tangy Market.

Investment period

2 years

Revenue Collecting Source

Stim (Performance rights revenues)

Number of Shares


Share Price


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