Ison & Fille’s ‘För Evigt’ is now up for investment

​We are pleased to let you know that we have just listed one of the most iconic albums in Swedish hip hop on Tangy Market. The investment contains the following top 11 tracks from the album ‘För Evigt’: Lever så här (feat. Newkid), Galen, Örfila Dig Själv, Stationen (feat. Stor & Aleks), Livet (feat. Sabo, Hoosam & Aleks), Stockholm (feat. Sabo), Sena nätter, tomma glas (feat. Veronica Maggio), Krig Och Kärlek (feat. Aleks), Tugg på heltid, Vi var barn då (feat. Aleks), Från hjärtat (feat. Hoosam, Sabo & Aleks).

Investment information
Don’t miss the chance to invest in this musical gold nugget that reached a peak placement of 12 on the Swedish national record chart. It received several Grammy nominations and won the award for hip hop of the year at the P3 Gold gala.

When investing in this asset you’re buying the songwriter’s share of Fille’s upcoming Stim royalties from today until December 1st, 2026. The asset can be bought and sold for the duration and owners of shares on the expiration date (December 1st, 2026) will receive the full royalty payout collected, divided by the total number of shares. The IPO price is €6.88 and the supply of shares is 1000.

Historical performance
The graph below shows the average historical royalty income per share per quarter. Please keep in mind that historical data is no guarantee for future revenue. The burning question comes down to: Where will it go from here? Remember, that when you invest in a piece of art, anything can happen. The IPO price per share per quarter is €0.57 (IPO price €6.88 / Investment period 3 years / 4 quarters).

Performance rights, am I right?
This investment is based on royalties generated from the Swedish PRO Stim. Every time the songs get played on the radio, on stage, when someone covers them, or when they appear in the background of a hotel lobby for example – revenue is generated for the rights owners and yourself.

Get ready to invest
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Photo: ⓒ Art By Esse

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