New Market Listing: ‘Kärleksvisan’ by Sarah Dawn Finer

Now you can invest in ‘Kärleksvisan‘ by Sarah Dawn Finer – one of Sweden’s most beloved songs.

Kärleksvisan’ was part of the 3rd album released by Sarah Dawn Finer, ‘Winterland’, that sold gold and debuted at Number 2 on the Swedish charts.

This tune from 2010 keeps on giving year after year by being one of the most popular songs to be played at weddings and other near to heart events. If you are living in Sweden, it’s actually quite impossible you have never heard it.

Written by Sarah herself together with Peter Hallström, the song has an English version called ‘For a friend’. When you invest in this asset on Tangy Market, royalty from both Swedish and English versions are included.

Kärleksvisan in numbers

Sarah Dawn Finer has one of the biggest and best voices in Sweden, which is proved by her almost 300,000 monthly listeners on Spotify with ‘Kärleksvisan’ currently being the most popular track with over 34 million streams.

20% of the streams are generated in December, the rest comes mostly from the summer months which could be explained by the high popularity of using this song in weddings. It has over 1 million in playlist reach on Spotify and is continuously being played on Swedish radio.

About 20% of the royalties comes from live performances (of any artist playing the song). The most significant income sources in order of magnitude are currently: Streaming, Live, Background and TV.

Performance rights royalties from the song has almost doubled since eight years ago which indicates that the song has become somewhat timeless in terms of popularity and yield – also given that the song is 12 years old.

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8 Years

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