New Market Listing: ‘Release Me’ recorded by Agnes

Now available on Tangy Market is the song ‘Release Me’ recorded by Agnes.

Release Me’ is recorded by one of Sweden’s most famous and awarded female artists, Agnes who wrote the song together with Sharon Vaughn and Anders Hansson.

After winning Swedish Idol in 2005 at the age of just 17, Agnes started her career by conquering first place on the Swedish charts with the track ‘Right Here, Right Now (My heart belongs to you)’. She quickly made an international breakthrough with the song ‘Release Me’ from the album ‘Dance Love Pop’ in 2009.

The album was released in 35 countries and ‘Release Me’ sold nearly 1 million physical copies worldwide as a single. The same year, ‘Release Me’ was nominated in the category “Song of the yearat all the main music award shows in Sweden: Swedish Grammy, P3 Guld, and The Swedish Music Publishers Association Awards.

‘Release Me’ in Numbers

The artist Agnes has over 1,3 million monthly listeners on Spotify where ‘Release Me’ is the most popular track with 85 million streams in total.

On Tiktok, videos using ‘Release Me’ as its soundtrack increased by 45% in the last 12 months.

As seen in the graph below, radio plays make up a large part of the total revenue of the track with airplay from France, the UK, Germany, the US, and Sweden at the top.

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