New Music Asset! ‘Not Giving Up on You’ by Della Ridge

It’s time for a new asset release on Tangy Market! Now you are able to invest in ‘Not Giving Up On You‘ by Della Ridge.

Not Giving Up On You‘ is their latest single, released on Dec 2021. The song is a sweet country ballad about not being able to give up on someone even though you know it’s over or just simply was never gonna happen.

Della Ridge won the Swedish National Country Awards in the pop/rock category with the jury’s motivation: ”… a band that is ready for the big stages”.

The band released their debut in 2008 with the EP ”Bulletproof” and have since then released one EP and four singles with radio plays on Swedish National Radio, P4.

💬 Fun Fact! Della Ridge is the nickname for the village Aspås in Jämtland where front man and songwriter Simon Lägervik Sjöstedt grew up. He now lives in Stockholm and you can hear how his music travels in the tensions between countryside and city.

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