‘Nickotek – Malfunction’ is Now Available on Tangy Market

‘Malfunction’ by NICKOTEK is now up for investment on Tangy Market! Check it out in the Tangy Market app now.

NICKOTEK is about capturing an abstract message in sound. Imagine the spirit found at night in the midst of the deep woods of Sweden. An energy that has been there all along, almost waiting to be captured. There’s a small cottage with fragile walls that acts as thin skin against the elements of nature. The windows are opened wide to let the spirits in – and the music out.

NICKOTEK has been a music producer and studio owner for the last two decades and has been involved in various projects, some of which have been Grammy nominated. This is the first release from his new project NICKOTEK and we can expect more to come.

Listen to ‘Malfunction’ and all other songs available on Tangy Market on the Tangy Market Playlist on Spotify.

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