⏳ Upcoming Market Listing: ‘Viskar en bön’

The holidays are around the corner, and what better way to get into the Christmas spirit than investing in the beloved Christmas song 'Viskar en bön'?

‘Viskar en bön’ is written by Peter Hallström and Mauro Scocco and recorded by various Swedish artists with the most known being Peter and Mauro themselves as well as Peter Jöback, Sonja Aldén, Amy Diamond, Uno Svenningsson, Irma Schultz-Keller.

In just a few days you will be able to buy shares of music royalties of this Christmas gem from 2002.

Viskar en bön in numbers

In December, Christmas music is heard almost everywhere, whether you like it or not. Last year, Sweden was in the top three countries that streamed the most Christmas music percentage-wise compared to the total amount of listening on Spotify.

The five most streamed versions of ‘Viskar en bön’ make up a total of 7,8 million streams on Spotify with Peter Jöbacks version driving most listeners.

‘Viskar en bön’ is a strikingly seasonal tune, which can be seen in the graph below, showing a drastic uprise in streams every December.

Gift shares of ‘Viskar en bön’ for Christmas

Did you know that you can gift an investment from Tangy Market using the new gift feature? Give shares of ‘Viskar en bön’, or from some of the other music assets available on Tangy Market as a Christmas gift. Read more about gifting shares here.

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