Wanna Know What to Invest in?

Eddie here.

I spend a lot of time monitoring Tangy Market. That’s actually how I spend most of my days.

I would argue that music is one of the best investments you can make. Yearly, music royalties have increased by 7% on average over a long-term perspective.

Also, music investments are uncorrelated with other markets. Let’s be honest, the stock markets are not in their best shape right now.

Which is why I thought it’s a good time to give you some smoking hot tips on investments on Tangy Market! 🌶🔥

Here are 5 assets to check out!

Albin Johnsén – Catalogue

Current price: €2 (New)

Invest in music royalties from one of the biggest names in Swedish pop, Albin Johnsén. This musical asset includes his whole music catalogue including Albin’s ‘Din Soldat‘, ‘En sista gång‘ and ‘Vi gjorde vårt bästa‘ as well as hits from Julia Adams, FO&O, Lovad, Mattias Andreasson and more.

  • Over 200 million streams
  • 420,000 monthly listeners on Spotify
  • Platinum and Gold singles
  • 4 albums and 54 songs
  • Nominations for the Swedish Grammis and P3 Guld
  • Here is a Spotify playlist with all the songs included in the asset!

🌶🔥 Go get your shares to the initial price before they sell out!

Galoski – ‘Thinking About You’

Current price: €2.99 (New)

Galoski is one of the raising stars of EDM and ‘Thinking About You’ is his latest release. The song is written by Emelie Eriksson, Philip Strand and Yaroslav Polikarpov and produced by Galoski himself.

  • Over 137,000 monthly listeners on Spotify
  • Another Galoski asset, ´On My Mind´, is up for investment on Tangy Market, currently trading at +24,58%
  • Galoski tours around the world sharing stages with the biggest in the game such as Martin Garrix, Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Steve Aoki, Axwell & Ingrosso, Paul van Dyk and more.

🌶🔥 Given that a similar asset with Galoski has gone up +24,58% on Tangy Market, I would suggest you get your shares to the initial price of this one before they sell out!

Christina Aguilera – ‘Come on over’

Current price: €3.95 (+1.28%)

Initial price: €3.90

This is one of the 00’s most loved pop songs with superstar Christina Aguilera. Yes, Christina Aguilera. What more do you need to know? 😉

  • Includes both single version and album version of ‘Come on over’.
  • When released it sold over 500,000 CD’s in US alone
  • Over 70,000 000 streams on Spotify alone
  • Nearly 19,000 000 monthly listeners on Spotify
  • When released it went straight to top ten worldwide and peaked at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 list.

🌶🔥 If you haven’t noticed already, back catalogue hits are currently selling at astronomical sums to institutional investors. Just look at Bruce Springsteen, Shakira, Bob Dylan and many more. And hey! Look at the current price of ‘Come on over’, it’s almost at the initial price. What are you waiting for? Go get your shares before the price skyrockets.

Broder Daniel – ‘Shoreline’

Current price: €40 (+1709.95%)

Initial price: €2.21

“Spela Shoreline!” – do I need to say more about this evergreen song that even has its own statue in the band’s hometown of Gothenburg. If you are not Swedish, just know this might just be Sweden’s equivalent to ‘Wonderwall’.

  • One of Sweden’s most iconic songs ever made.
  • One of the most successful tracks in Swedish music history.
  • Nearly 19,000 000 streams on Spotify

🌶🔥 Owning shares in this asset gives you iconic status amongst your friends. I promise!

Lamix – Catalogue

Current price: €1.80 (-14.29%)

Initial price: €2.10

Lamix is one of Sweden’s biggest hiphop artists. The musical asset includes 33 of his biggest songs such as ‘Hey Baby‘, ‘Designer’ feat Ant Wan, ‘Piruett‘ feat Mwuana, ‘Ankare‘ and more.

  • Over 80 million streams on Spotify
  • Over 223,000 monthly listeners on Spotify
  • Winner “Artist of the future” at P3 Guld in 2018
  • Nominated “Song of the year” at Swedish Grammis.
  • Listen to all songs included in the asset in this Spotify playlist.

🌶🔥 Take a look at the price! You know it’s a good strategy to buy when the numbers are pointing below the initial price. Just go for it.

Remember you are investing in a piece of art. Anything can happen.

/Smoking hot Eddie 🌶🔥

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