Common Q&A’s We Though You’d Like to Know!

We hope you are just as excited as we are about music investments and that you’re learning how to use Tangy Market. Here are some common Q&A’s we though you’d like to know!

What does the term “New” mean?

When a new musical asset is available on the market it’s marked ‘New’ until all shares have sold.

How is the initial share price of a new musical asset determined?

The price is set by our algorithms based valuation model that calculates the probable future revenue for the upcoming investment period, also adding headroom for a risk-adjusted return on investment.

What exactly am I buying?

You are buying a share of the revenue from music copyright for a limited time period.

Are there any risks in investing in music?

The music copyright market has seen an average yearly revenue increase of 7% over the past years. But remember that investing in music is investing in a piece of art. Anything can happen and there is no guarantee you will get your investment back. You share both risks and rewards alongside the music copyright owners themselves.

How can I profit from the market?

Sell your shares to other music investors on the market and decide your own price. And/or hold your shares and take over the royalty payouts from the music you invested in.

Is the market always open?

Yes, the market will be open 24/7 until further notice!

Do you have another question? We got the answer. Visit our FAQ, send us an email at or chat with us directly in the app.

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