Curious About Your Return on Investment?

Have you made your first music investment yet? If yes, congratulations, you are one of the first people in the world to own shares of music assets on Tangy Market! 👏

It’s soon time for the first Royalty Payout. Do you own shares in Broder Daniel’s ‘Shoreline’, Rebecca & Fiona’s ‘Bullets’ or any other of the music assets listed below? Then this is important information for you.

If your Royalty Payouts turn out higher than what you paid for your shares, you can pat yourself on the shoulder and call yourself a successful music investor. And hey, whatever the economic return, you will own the bragging rights forever!

⌛️ Investment Period Coming to an End

The investment period for the first six assets ever released on Tangy Market is coming to an end. This means payout day for all share owners of the assets listed below. Do you own shares in any of these assets? Then you will get a Royalty Payout.

⏰ Trading Stop Times

  • 16.00 PST, March 1st (Los Angeles)
  • 19.00 EST, March 1st (New York)
  • 00.00 UTC, March 1st (London)
  • 01.00 CET, March 2nd (Stockholm)
  • 11.00 AEDT, March 2nd (Sydney)

🤑 Royalty Payout on March 3rd

For every share you own in the music assets listed below after the stop time, you will receive a Royalty Payout. The payout will be made to your Tangy Account on March 3rd.

Upcoming Royalty Payouts, March 3rd 2022:

Broder Daniel – Shoreline

Rebecca & Fiona – Bullets

Kornél Kovács – Stockholm Marathon

Vera Vinter – Just Nu (Vredens Tigrar)

WOJTEK – Atmosphere


🎸 Remember this is an open market where you invest in a piece of art. Anything can happen.

Happy investing!

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