New Market Listing: ‘Håll Mitt Hjärta’

Now you can invest in one of the most known songs in Sweden, ‘Håll Mitt Hjärta’ on Tangy Market.

Håll Mitt Hjärta’ is written by Peter Hallström, Lars Andersson, and Björn Skifs, and recorded by some of Sweden’s most prominent and dearest artists such as Björn Skifs and Peter Hallström themselves as well as Carola, Sarah Dawn Finer, Malena Ernman, Kristoffer Greczula and many more.

The song first appeared in the version ‘Same Ol Story’ recorded by Andre De Lange and released on his album ‘Educate Your Soul’ in 1999. Today, the most heard version is ‘Håll Mitt Hjärta (Same Old Story)‘ recorded by Björn Skifs from his album ‘Ingen Annan’ released in 2002 that stayed at the Swedish top chart for a whopping 142 weeks – over three years. This year it was voted the second-best song from the Swedish charts after ‘Strövtåg i Hembygden’ by Mando Diao.

It has become one of the most played songs at funerals, and can often be heard at weddings as well all over Sweden.

“Håll Mitt Hjärta is more than a song to me, it is a hymn that brings me comfort and peace. Somehow, I think I managed to transfer that feeling into the song since so many people choose to use it for special occasions in their life.”

– Peter Hallström, Songwriter & Artist

A popular song amongst the Swedish people

Håll Mitt Hjärta’ is a popular song amongst the Swedish people, which can be seen in the numerous private playlists on Spotify. All versions of ‘Håll Mitt Hjärta’ on Spotify have together streamed over 18 million times in total.

The graph below shows the historical income of ‘Håll Mitt Hjärta’ from performance revenue (songwriter’s royalties). The peaks in live revenue might just correlate with Björn Skifs’ national tours as his version of ‘Håll Mitt Hjärta’ is often occurring on his set lists.

When investing in this asset on Tangy Market, you get 10 years of upcoming performance rights royalties (songwriter royalties) from all versions of the song.

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