New Market Listing: ‘I morgon’ by Arvingarna

Arvingarna has released 19 albums, had 20 songs on the Swedish top list, won 3 Swedish Grammys and currently have between 600,000 – 700,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

There are probably very few Swedes who do not recognise the songs ‘Eloise‘ from 1993, ‘Kung i Stan‘ from 1992 or ‘I do‘ from 2019. You will find many musical treasures in their back catalog, not least the song ‘I morgon‘ written by Peter Grönvall, Nanne Grönvall, Paul Rein, Marie Reinikainen and the band’s frontman Casper Janebrink.

Many associate Arvingarna with the Swedish culture happening couple dancing to dansbandmusic on the weekends. This phenomenon is reflected in the band’s streaming, if you look at the graph above, the rings mark a peak every weekend in the past 90 days.

🎵 Have a listen on the Tangy Market Playlist on Spotify!

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