Royalty Payout = Your return on investment

Music assets on Tangy Market are available for fixed investment periods. When the time is up, you will get a Royalty Payout for each share you own of the asset. The Royalty Payment equals the actual money that has been generated from the music during the investment period.

One year has passed since the first investments were available on Tangy Market. The average total return from the first year is +13.42%.

Did you get any Royalty Payouts yet? Have a look in the app!

Where can I see my expired shares?

To see the shares you owned that has exceeded the investment period, go to Portfolio > Shares.

Where can I see my Royalty Payout?

To see your Royalty Payout, go to Portfolio > Trades.

Expired shares explained

In the detailed view of every expired share, you can see some useful information.

Quantity – How many shares you owned at the time of expiration.

Payout – Your total Royalty Payout for that specific music asset.

Perf. (Asset Since Start) – How the music asset performed since start, last traded price and the performance in % compared to the initial price.

Perf. (Your Shares) – How your shares performed since start, your weighted average purchase price and the performance in % compared to the Royalty Payout.

Happy investing!

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