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When Broder Daniel released their fourth and final album ‘Cruel Town’ in 2004, it received both a Swedish Grammy nomination and reached number one on the top list in Sweden. One song in particular became one of Sweden’s biggest hits of all time. Today, ‘Shoreline’ has reached close to icon status, the song even has its own memorial stone in Slottsskogen in Gothenburg and Spotify has a dedicated playlist called “Play Shoreline!“.

Invest in older music

Although it’s been almost 20 years since release, ‘Shoreline’ still manages to find new fans. Broder Daniel has doubled the number of followers on Spotify since 2015 and the streaming goes up steadily every year despite the band not being active since 2008. Broder Daniel’s original version has streamed 19 million times, even though the song was released before the streaming era. When you invest in ‘Shoreline’ on Tangy Market, both original works and covers are included in the investment. To name a few, Anna Ternheim’s version of ‘Shoreline’ is her most popular song on Spotify with almost 30 million streams and Julia Frej’s version is her third most popular.

Global trend to invest in music

More have discover music as a new investment opportunity. Not only is it a fun investment, the high income potential and to receive recurring royalty payments that do not correlate with a broader stock market index is just a few reasons why music is an attractive investment.

It’s sure to say that investing in music is a growing global trend and at Tangy Market, anyone can become a music investor. Linda Portnoff, culture economics researcher and founder of Tangy Market says,

Recently, more large investors have opened their eyes to music as a long-term stable and valuable asset. We want to give everyone this investment opportunity to more people. Anyone should be able to become a partner in fantastic song treasures like ‘Shoreline’ at the touch of a button!

Tangy Market democratizes the market for music investments

When Tangy Market was launched a year ago, ‘Shoreline’ was included as one of the first songs. The limited shares sold out in two minutes and were traded shortly afterwards on the secondary market at a record high of 1700% above the starting price. On Tuesday, June 14, ‘Shoreline’ will be listed on Tangy Market again. The starting price is € 3.30 per share and the investment period (however many years of future royalties investors buy) is set at eight years.

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